• Insta Finish Trim Magic - Trim Restorer is a revolutionary product used by professionals, 2oz, Trim Magic

Insta Finish Trim Magic - Trim Restorer is a revolutionary product used by professionals, 2oz, Trim Magic. Until now, keeping your car looking like new involved applying and reapplying costly silicone based products wasting tons of money and valuable time for only temporary cosmetic results. But now, with Trim Magic, those days are over! It’s as simple as applying Trim Magic!

Revolutionary product used by professionals:

  • Easy to use and apply
  • Last for years
  • Restores and protects with one wipe
  • Also use on RV, boats, and motorcycles
  • Use on both interior/exterior surfaces
  • Save time and money!

Its innovative nano-polymer formula penetrates deep and binds to the surface to restore showroom luster to faded, weathered surfaces and protect against the elements. Trim Magic forms a permanent, protective shield against water, salt, ice, harsh elements, and ultraviolet damage from the sun. Best of all, after one application, that’s it! The surface is protected with a showroom shine that will last for years! Trim Magic is fast and easy to apply—use it on plastic and trim to return surfaces to showroom new glory with just one application!

Trim Magic will increase the value of your vehicle and save you hundreds of dollars in car care products over its lifetime. You will be amazed that such a small amount is enough to treat as much as two vehicles. Well, with Trim Magic a little goes a long way and, yes, it is that good! 2 ounces is enough to treat two average mid-sized vehicles; with the proper application of our product, very little is needed when treating your vehicle! Trim Magic is applied in one directional swipe without overlap; only one wipe is needed! The trim Magic unique formula works like no other to restore your vehicle’s trim in one quick, easy application and protect it with a durable finish that will last for years! And, because so little is needed and you only have to apply it once (unlike other leading products that you have to reapply each time you wash your vehicle), you end up saving yourself both time and money.

Thousands LOVE Trim Magic and you will too!

Congratulations on your purchase of Trim Magic the revolutionary breakthrough solution for restoring a showroom new look to your vehicle's interior and exterior!  Trim Magic is safe and effective to use on trim and plastic surfaces.  Trim Magic not only restores the original sheen to faded interior and exterior trim, it protects most surfaces  from sun exposure, road salt, water spots, tree sap, and other harsh elements that eventually wear away that showroom new appearance. Trim Magic’s unique formula works like no other to restore your vehicle's trim in one quick, easy application and protect it with a durable finish that will last for years! With Trim Magic, a little goes a long way - 1.5 ounces is enough to treat an average mid-sized car! Plus, Trim Magic doesn't have to be reapplied every time you clean your vehicle - it lasts season after season, so not only do you save money on other products, you also save valuable time!


Wash the surface to be treated with the car wash. For best results, apply a degreaser to the surfaces intended for treatment and scrub thoroughly to ensure that residues from any pre-existing restorative products are completely removed.

Rinse and allow the surface to dry thoroughly.

TIP: It's important to ensure that no water remains on or around the surface to be treated. Gently tap the surface and adjacent surfaces. If water is present the tapping will make it run. Use a towel to dry up any excess water discovered during this process.

With the cap still affixed to the bottle shake the bottle for 10 seconds prior to opening.

Pour Trim Magic slowly and carefully onto a small applicator cloth/sponge until the cloth is saturated.

Apply in a single wipe to the intended surface with little or no overlap, from one row to the next until the surface is completely coated.

NOTE: for badly faded surfaces, a 2nd coat may be required for optimal results.  If applicable, then allow the first coat to dry for 10 minutes.

If the portion of the applicator becomes soiled then flip or fold the applicator to a clean portion. Repeat throughout the application if necessary. This is why it Very Important to Clean the Surface Thoroughly before application.

Important Notes:

  • When applying Trim Magic wear gloves and always apply it in a well-ventilated area.
  • Trim Magic is not for glass or painted surfaces.
  • Very little is needed! Only 1 to 1.5oz of Trim Magic is needed to coat an average mid-sized sedan.
  • Plan to work from the highest area of your vehicle down. This helps keep freshly coated surfaces from being touched before they are dry.
  • Let Trim Magic dry for 1 hour before making contact with the treated surface.
  • Allow 24 hours after application before exposing treated surface to moisture (rain, dew, sprinklers, car wash, etc).
  • Do not apply Trim Magic to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Best when applied in a Zero Dust Zone.

If Trim Magic comes in contact with unintended surfaces such as paint, wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth.  Within an hour of application (while Trim Magic is still undergoing initial cure), Acetone can be used to remove Trim Magic.  After Trim Magic has cured, removing it will require the use of a fine polishing compound or a high grit automotive sandpaper.

If Trim Magic begins to cure on the applicator cloth; you may notice a streaking in the surface.  Either re-wet the applicator cloth with more Trim Magic or discard the applicator and use a new one.

Store Trim Magic in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight. The bottle has been treated with nitrogen in order to eliminate oxygen hence extending life. Once the product has been exposed to oxygen the shelf life will diminish dramatically.

Trim Magic

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Insta Finish Trim Magic - Trim Restorer is a revolutionary product used by professionals, 2oz, Trim Magic

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