• Double Sided Wool Buffing Pad, KAS-5703

Double Sided Wool Buffing Pad, KAS-5703. This wool Pad is a heavy professional pad used for compounding and buffing. 100% twisted 4-ply wool. Extra wool added for longer wear & more cushion. This pad is designed for the professional buffer who desires a rapid cut. One thing is certain: wool is becoming more popular as paints are required to contain more solids and fewer solvents. Wool is simply the faster medium when compared to foam pads, it cuts quicker.  Foam pads play a major role in buffing as well. Generally, foam is considered most useful when finishing. The rule of thumb is to start with a wool buffing pad and finish with a foam pads, Black first then The Blue on dark colored cars.

  • Removes finishing abrasive sand scratches and other paint surface defects
  • Double sided screw-on pads feature flexing action for reduced surface burn risk
  • Untwisted wool yarn construction improves handling across large surface areas
  • Blended or 100 percent wool abrasive delivers fast-cutting efficiency
  • Works with instafinish compounds for fast, consistent results

Please enjoy your hard work...Kas


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Double Sided Wool Buffing Pad, KAS-5703

  • $23.99

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