• Sonbateh Abrasive Finishing Pads fine/Very Fine, Maroon/Gray x 25in a combination box, 15 Red & 10 Gray, KAS-7447/8

Sonbateh Abrasive Finishing Pads Scotch Brite fine/Very Fine, Maroon/Gray x 25in a box, 15 Red & 10 Gray. Fine pads Red color x 15 Very fine is recommended for primary sanding of new Sheet parts and old lacquer layers and Sanding of blendings before applying the primer. Ultra Fine Pads in Gray x 10 Ultrafine is suitable for preparation of lacquered surfaces & fading.

  • A superior alternative to steel wool, wire brushes, sandpaper, and other nonwoven products for cleaning or finishing tasks
  • Suitable for use on wood, paints, metal, plastics, ceramics, porcelain, glass, rubber or composites
  • Reusable pad resists tearing, splintering, loading and will never rust, providing a long, useful life
  • Can be folded, stacked, or rolled for effective cleaning or conditioning on flat, irregular, or contoured surfaces
  • The non-woven web is load-resistant

Our Sonbateh Abrasive Finishing Pads are Durable Flex Hand Pad combines ultra flexibility with effective cutting action and precise hand control to accomplish tough cleaning jobs or produce fine finishing results.

Great Multipurpose Pad  
The performance of 
Sonbateh Abrasive Finishing Hand Pad is comparable to steel wool, but our pads won't shred during use, rust after use, or create fine metal splinters. The non-woven, open-web material resists loading and can be used dry, with water or some solvents, and rinsed clean for reuse. This multipurpose pad can be used by hand for precise control.  

The Many Benefits of
Sonbateh Abrasives  
Breakthrough fiber coating technology allows abrasive products to cut faster and produce a more consistent scratch than competitive non-woven abrasive products, reducing the time and effort it takes to finish parts. Combining abrasives with the fibers creates an abrasive system that delivers consistent results for the life of the product. These pads are a high performance by limiting clogging of the fibers.


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Sonbateh Abrasive Finishing Pads fine/Very Fine, Maroon/Gray x 25in a combination box, 15 Red & 10 Gray, KAS-7447/8

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