• Insta Finish Wheel Cleaner, Shine and clean wheels, 16oz, WC-16

Insta Finish Wheel Cleaner, Shine and clean wheels, 16oz, WC-16. Wheel cleaner cleans white walls, wheels, engines, carpet, and upholstery. Performance liquid concentrates that rinses easily without film. An all purpose cleaner and degreaser for vinyl, plastic, rubber, steel, and aluminum. Safe on all aluminum & other soft metals when used as directed. Fast wetting for quick removal of brake dust, asphalt oils, and grease. Excellent road film removal. Produces a bright shine to the clean wheel surface.

Cleaners & Degreasers

Cleaners and degreasers are important in ensuring the cleanliness of car. For starters, degreasers refer to cleaning products that are specially formulated to remove grime and grease beneath the bonnet thereby making it easy to identify the presence of any cracks, leaks as well as wear and tear. Simply put, a degreaser can make a lot more difference in keeping the gearbox, suspension the other parts clear. There are different kinds of degreasers and cleaners that you can use for your car to maintain its sparkle.

Although a majority of the cleaners and degreasers are designed to break down all the oily substances, they may also be used to clean various other applications to remove stubborn stains and general grime from your automotive. Generally, you need to keep in mind that various kinds of degreasers are meant for different purposes. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration a number of factors when shopping for degreasers before the actual purchase namely:

  • The purpose of the products – Different degreasers are meant for specific purposes, therefore, you need to understand the purpose of a particular brand before purchasing
  • The need for protection – This information is vital and is often available on the label
  • Presence of aroma
  • The need for dilution

Ultimately, the choice of degreasers is dependent on the kind of engine that needs to be cleaned.

Some cleaners and degreasers are environmental friendly because they are made from organic materials and this is also important to take into consideration. Equally, others are harmful to humans hence must not come into contact with the lungs, eyes, skin or any other part of the body. As such, this category requires that you use gloves as well as take other special safety precautions.

At InstaFinish, we offer a wide range of high-quality cleaners and degreasers that that are well suited for your car, truck RV etc. Whether you are interested in buying the products in bulk or in small quantities, we have you covered. We serve a wide clientele from individuals to businesses that deal in auto care services. As manufacturers, we are able to create the best products on the market and offer them at very competitive prices.


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Insta Finish Wheel Cleaner, Shine and clean wheels, 16oz, WC-16

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